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Acuatico Beach Resort

ACUATICO, which means “water” in Spanish, is a premier beach resort located 140 km (87 miles) south of Manila and belongs to the group of resorts sharing Laiya’s world-famous shores. One of Acuatico’s well-known features is its 700 square meter infinity pool which gives the impression of being one with the endless blue sea.

Its aim is to provide world-class service to both local and international guests, who can expect to experience dedicated service from its amiable staff, modern facilities that can compete anywhere in the world, and a tropical layout that always reminds visitors that they are there to have the vacation of their life.

Being just three hours away from Manila, Acuatico is an immediate break from the fast-paced city life as well as a safe haven for foreign visitors looking to enjoy the Philippine tropical paradise. The resort boasts fully furnished Balinese-style modern villas and rooms that can provide accommodation for up to 70 guests and allow breathtaking views of both the mountains and the sea.

In addition to the serene infinity pool, they have an outdoor jacuzzi where bathers can enjoy the Batangas sunset, a smaller pool for kids and babies, and the floating Acua bar where guests can have some drinks. They also offer Day Tours and a menu of local and international cuisines to satisfy their guests’ requests.

Indeed, since its 2008 opening, Acuatico Beach Resort has become a holiday destination of choice for anyone who has ever come across its name. Evidence of this is its arriving as the third most searched travel destination in the 2009 Year-End Google Zeitgeist.

As a bona-fide member of the Association of Laiya Resorts Owners (ALRO), Acuatico Beach Resort is awaiting accreditation with the Department of Tourism to formalize its growing reputation of being a sought-after Philippine vacation spot.

The resort is operated by Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel, Inc. and is managed by a husband and wife team with extensive experience in hotel management and operations. Along its frontlines, however, is the fully-equipped staff whose natural and friendly disposition welcomes the guests with warmth and promises them of a stay that they can remember for a lifetime.

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