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Amansinaya Mountain Resort

If you’re looking for more than just another beach resort in Batangas, let Amansinaya Mountain Resort show you everything it has to offer. It is nestled in the heart of Laurel, Batangas, and surrounded by a scenic view of mountains and trees.

Setting Amansinaya Mountain Resort apart from other activity-filled resorts are the nearby excursions and pleasures that nature itself has to offer. One of these pleasures is the Ambon Ambon Falls that takes an hour-long trek past streams and shrubbery and up beautiful hills to get there. These grand falls are one of the reasons why many people come to visit the place. Another reason is for the Simbahang Bato. This beautiful chapel was formed naturally from the rocks in the area, and was then furnished with its interior.

Amansinaya is ideal for those who have always longed to experience the thrill of the great outdoors, especially those who have been saturated with the perks of the city life. You can maximize your vacation by experiencing the Pugad Lawin Adeventure Camp, Patio Filipino, and the Amansinaya Aqua Park, with the option of staying at their lodging in between activities. Just an hour-long drive from Alabang, this resort’s natural embellishments and undeniable aura of peace are the cherry on top of a perfect summer getaway.

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