Laiya beach is nestled in the quiet coastal town of San Juan in Batangas. The place is famous for white sand beach resorts of fresh blue water. Walking leisurely before sunrise or sunset is a fascinating experience because of the soothing atmosphere of natural seascape and cool sea breeze. Laiya offers travelers an array of fun filled water activities like boating and snorkeling. The boat ride enables you to see breathtaking vista of the coastline while snorkeling is an avenue for getting closer with marine sanctuaries of corals and starfishes. In this region, particularly in the place known as Parang Sili Dao, rare species of giant fruit bats (Pteropus vampyrus) will amaze spectators because when they are in flight their wings span to about a meter long. And during the months of November to January, you can see first hand the turtles which come to Laiya shore to lay eggs.

For an action-packed adventure, the best trekking destination is Mt. Daguldol- the highest peak in town. Its summit offers an impressive vista of the sea and of the provinces of Mindoro and Marinduque. There is a waterfalls along the way and if travelers need guides, Hugom Environmental Guide Association can arrange for them. So be it for leisure or luxury, Laiya is the most accessible place to visit. It has a number of great beach resorts and hotels that offer simple to sophisticated amenities as well as local to international delectable food that will truly whet your appetite.