Los Baños

Los Baños, Laguna is a town blessed with the many wonders of water. So much are its blessings that it has been named “the baths” in Spanish. Naturally, numerous resorts have been opened throughout the years to cater to water lovers from all walks of life. One reason that people flock toward Los Baños is its proximity to the city. With just two hours drive from popular metros Alabang and Makati, city dwellers can forget about packing a lot of baggage or preparing for a tiresome ride in order to enjoy a few days’ retreat with nature. They even find that the travel time is a fun experience in itself!

Another advantage about Los Baños resorts is the versatility on where people can stay. Families can rent private resorts, so they can have a swimming pool to themselves. They can also hold parties and other special occasions and invite as many people as they like. Moms can invite their amigas to indulge in some therapeutic bath in a hot springs resort, while companies can host team building events in a public resort. Whatever type of water recreation a person is looking for, they can find it in one of many resorts of Los Baños, a town famed for its abundant waters.